The reception for the 32nd Annual 9th Congressional Art Exhibition was held on Sunday, February 22, in the lobby of the Fifth Third building (One Seagate).
U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Toledo) greeted a number of TPS teachers and students (along with Dr. Durant, Transformational Leader Linda Meyers and Board of Education member Chris Varwig). Students from Bowsher, Rogers, Waite and Woodward all had pieces in the show.
Teachers represented in the show by their students were: Diane Thorpe, Liz Carr, Ann Halbig and Amy Martinek of Bowsher; Robin McLoughlin of Waite; Jeff Pitzen and Ann TenEyck of Rogers, and Cassie Paniagua of Woodward.
The students in the show, their schools and their awards, were:
Cynthia Benauides, Woodward
Makayla Booth, Bowsher
Breanna Bryant, Rogers
Kyle Burton, Woodward — Congressional Honorable Mention
Jason Chappuies, Bowsher --- Law Firm of Eastman and Smith Award
Chelsea Connolly, Bowsher
Ashlee Garcia, Bowsher
Kaitlyn Gigliotti, Bowsher
Mackenzie Guenin, Bowsher
Chloe Jewell, Bowsher
Natalie Kincaid, Bowsher — Congressional Honorable Mention and UT Center for Visual Arts Award
Mariah McClinton, Rogers
Raykisha Pettis, Rogers --- Congressional Runner Up (artwork to hang in Congresswoman Kaptur’s office for a year)
Jillian Ramsey, Bowsher
Hannah Rucki, Waite — Congressional Honorable Mention
Joelle Thacker, Bowsher
Blake Waite, Bowsher
Ava Whitson, Bowsher
Mikayla Williams, Rogers — Commercial Design Honorable Mention
Nic’Kyh Willis, Rogers
Monay Wilson, Rogers — Lourdes University Award

Go to the district's Facebook page, Toledo Public Schools, to check out some of the art work.

Also, several TPS schools will be represented in the downtown library's Connect to Creativity Art show to be held at the library from March 20 to April 25. The library will host a closing reception for the artists and families on Saturday, April 25th from 3:30-4:30.
Written on February 24, 2015