Many of our students will be taking standardized tests next week and we know how nerve-wracking that can be.
We’re here to tell you that there are lots of tips for making test taking less scary – so students won’t stress the test and will do well.
Hopefully students have taken advantage of any study or review sessions and any guidance from instructors on what type of questions will be found on the test. Going over practice tests, sample problems, review material, textbooks and class notes is also a great idea and one that parents can supervise.
Parents and guardians can also make sure two things happen: the night before a big test, they should insist their child gets a good night’s sleep. And serving a good breakfast (nothing too heavy) the morning of the test will help to make sure their student has the focus and energy they need.

And now, for tips on what students can do before and during the test:
• Remember that exercise is always a good way to keep stress under control
• The morning of the test, get to class early so you’re not worried about coming in after the test has already started
• Stay relaxed – if you begin to get nervous, take a few deep breaths slowly to relax yourself and then get back to work
• Read the directions slowly and carefully
• Do the simple questions first to build up your confidence for the harder questions
• Remember what your teacher has told you about how to pace yourself and if you’re allowed to ask questions
• If you don’t know an answer to a question, skip it for the time being (come back to it if you have time). Remember that you don’t have to always get every question right to do well on the test
• Focus on the question you are reading – DON’T let your mind wander
• If there is time left when you are finished, take another glance over the test, making sure you have answered all of the questions. Remember that the first answer you put is usually the right one, so only change something if it’s clear to you have misread or misinterpreted the question
• Watch out for careless mistakes and proofread your essay and/or short answer questions
• Double check to make sure that you put your first and last name on the test
Above all, while getting ready for and then taking the test, students should keep a positive attitude.
On its website, the Ohio Department of Education has an entire section dedicated to Ohio's State Tests that students will take this school year. There are sample tests, background information on what exactly is being tested and more tips for helping students be successful on the tests. Click here for all of the details:
Written on February 12, 2015