Deciding to delay or close schools due to bad weather conditions can best be described as an inexact science, a constant balance between academic concerns and ensuring the safety of students and staff. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about how officials from Toledo Public Schools determine whether schools should be delayed or closed due to weather.

How will I learn if there is a two-hour delay or if my child’s school has been closed?
When all schools are closed or delayed, TPS officials will get the word out through television and radio, an All Call to numbers on file and through postings on the District’s Facebook page (Toledo Public Schools), its Twitter account @TPSProud and under TPS News on the home page of its website, Dr. Romules Durant, the CEO/Superintendent of TPS, will also tweet out the information. Follow him at @romules_ A reminder that parents and guardians should make sure their current phone numbers are on file.

When will I find out that school is delayed or closed?

A decision on a two-hour delay will be made by 6 a.m. If that switches to a closing, families will learn of the decision by 8 a.m.

Who decides if there will be a delay or schools will close?
The director of the Transportation Center first requests an update from the weather bureau and other appropriate sources. He then checks road conditions and notifies the Chief Business Manager of his findings no later than 5:30 a.m. The Chief Business Manager will review this information with Dr. Romules Durant, CEO/Superintendent of Toledo Public Schools, who makes the ultimate decision on a delay or closing.
If the decision is made to delay schools, the Chief Business Manager notifies the Director of Communications, who will make the announcement to the news media by 6 a.m.
The Director of Transportation will continue to monitor road/weather conditions and notify the Chief Business Manager about any changes. That information will be shared with the Superintendent. If the decision is made to move from a “school delay” to a “school closing,” the Chief Business Manager will notify the Director of Communications, who will make the announcements to the news media by 8 a.m.

Do the Head Start and preschool programs follow the TPS rules?
If there is a two-hour delay, the morning sessions of Head Start and preschool will be cancelled. If there is a closing, all locations will be closed.

What are the factors that go into deciding to delay or close due to weather?
Hazardous weather conditions that are taken into account include a severe wind chill temperature, freezing rain or sleet; ice on the ground; a great deal of snow on the ground or fresh snow that had fallen overnight on top of existing snow; extremely poor visibility; poor sidewalk conditions because of ice or deep snow or city advisories (airport, travel or street “advisory” or “warning” issued by city or weather services).

Will after-school, before-school or weekend activities be cancelled?
• After-school activities are cancelled when all schools are closed but not when school is delayed. The coordinator of such activities is responsible for letting participants know if a particular event has been cancelled.
• Before-school activities are cancelled when schools are delayed or closed.
• Weekend activities are on a day-to-day basis. For example, activities will be cancelled if schools are closed on Friday, unless an exception is announced. If weather conditions improve, a decision might be made to hold activities on Saturday and/or Sunday.

Are athletic events automatically cancelled if schools are closed?
Not necessarily. A variety of factors will be used to determine if sporting events can go on and the decision will be communicated through the news media.

How will I be notified if weekend events are cancelled or will be held?
Parents, guardians and participants will be notified via local news stations, the District’s social media platforms and any call lists for participants.

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Updated on January 21, 2015