Beginning with the Class of 2018, the Ohio Department of Education is replacing the Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT)  with three new pathways to earn a high school diploma in the State of Ohio.

In order to test all students at once, Toledo Public Schools has revised its high school schedule for its traditional high schools on March 14 and 15 and for the week of April 24-28 (Note: High school students will be tested on their first day back from Spring Break). To learn more, click here for a parent/guardian letter. Here is where you can learn more about the testing: Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to learn about the options that Ohio is giving to qualify for a diploma. High school students are urged to choose the way that works best for them.

Click here for a PowerPoint presentation from Toledo Public Schools administrators. Note: TPS requires graduating seniors to have 21 credits, including the following:

English – 4 units/years
Mathematics – 4 units/years
Social Studies – 3 units/years
Science – 3 units/years
Physical Education - .5unit/2 semesters each counts as ¼ unit
Health Education – ½ unit- ½ year
Economic and Financial Literacy – ½ unit- ½ year
Electives – 5 units/5years
Fine Arts – 2 semestershhh

More information on the Ohio Department of Education's graduation requirements can be found by clicking here: 

Uupdated on February 28, 2017