Thanks to the generosity of others, the students who attend Sherman Elementary School, 817 Sherman St., each received a free winter coat on Wednesday, October 14.

Representatives from Agent Outerwear, a national winter outerwear distributor based in Detroit, were at the school to fit each student with a new coat.

Agent Outerwear introduced the concept of ‘buy one, give one’ to the outerwear apparel industry several years ago.

“In regards to something as simple and essential as a warm coat, it’s surprising to some people that there are kids in our cities [who] are struggling to get to school during the winter because they don’t have one,” says Lindsay Pavlich, chief agent of giving at Agent Outerwear.

So, for every coat purchased, Agent Outerwear donates a brand new coat to a child in need.  The company calls it, ‘Get Warm. Give Warm.®’ and Agent Outerwear employees have made it their mission to give away as many coats as possible.

Updated on October 16, 2015