Jordan Hunyh, a sixth grader at Hawkins Elementary, recently placed first in the Lucas County Sumdog Math contest.

Teacher Marsha Brady enrolled her class in the contest that featured 264 students from 19 schools.

Jordan answered 946 questions correctly out of a total of 1000 asked. Great job, Jordan!

Sumdog is an online learning tool that uses motivating games to encourage students to practice mathematics, reading and writing.

As students work, Sumdog's adaptive learning engine monitors their progress and targets its questions to their skill level.  This personalisation means that they can always play Sumdog with their classmates, even if they are at different levels of learning.  Students are free to play what they want - but their teachers retain control over what they are learning.

Hawkins students were allowed to get on Sumdog during classes only if their other work was completed, it was their assigned morning time on the computer and if their SuccessMaker scores were satisfactory.  Otherwise, they had to compete outside of school.

Posted on October 9, 2015