Too often in this world, we only hear the negative news.

That's why we have to share a recent e-mail we received from Tom Felder, who drives a bus for Bellevue Schools and was at Rogers High School when the two freshman teams played each other on Thursday, September 17.

We'll let him tell the story:

"I sat on 'your side' because there was a lot less sun in my eyes.  For some reason, one guy caught my eye.  He was not big in stature but appeared large in status.  He had a great arm, throwing the ball to others on the sideline (just having fun) and very cordial with fans in the stands when he was talked to.

After the game, this guy drove up and parked while we were waiting for our team to come out of the locker room.  He walked up to our coaches and introduced himself to them and asked if they were varsity coaches.  They told him they assisted and one of them (jokingly, with a smile) asked him if he was there to 'talk trash'? He said 'No sir, I don't do that.'  They talked for a few minutes and then shook hands, wishing each good luck [the next day]. None of them know I witnessed this.

This very upstanding gentleman is your quarterback [Isaiah] Solomon. I did not get to go the game Friday but I heard on the radio he is not only the quarterback but kicker, kick returner, ... What an athlete! For some reason he caught my eye and I wish him the best in life."

Thank you to Mr. Felder for taking the time to write and to Mr. Solomon for making all of us TPS Proud.

Posted on September 25, 2015