Toledo Public Schools serves more than 22,000 students in two pre-schools, 40 elementary schools and nine high schools.

In December, 2013, Dr. Romules Durant became the CEO/Superintendent and set the school district on a course for positive change. Building on two significant endeavors -- the highly acclaimed Transformation Plan and an inclusive Performance Audit -- TPS has worked diligently to create a platform for new and innovative programs and curriculum offerings.

In 2014, with transformation and change well on its way to making TPS a nationally recognized urban school district, district leaders determined that it was time to develop a strategic plan that would serve as the vision and road map for the future.

The Process
To support and assist in the development of a Strategic Plan, TPS enlisted the efforts of Battelle for Kids (BFK), a national not-for-profit organization with a mission of bringing clarity to school improvement. The first step in creating the Strategic Plan was to conduct a thorough audit of the district’s plans for the future and change initiatives. BFK reviewed a variety of existing efforts, including the Performance Audit, Transformational Plan, SMART goals for the Superintendent and Cabinet and individual building improvement plans.

Next, it was critical to engage the stakeholders of TPS. Employees of Battelle For Kids conducted interviews and focus groups with Superintendent Durant and his Cabinet, the Board of Education and other key stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, students, parents and community and civic leaders.

Key themes from these sessions were incorporated into the Strategic Plan, ensuring that TPS’ internal and external customers had a voice in the district’s vision for the future. As a final step, BFK conducted a series of training sessions with key administrators on how to create quantifiable accountability metrics. These sessions gave each department the opportunity to participate in developing measures that will be monitored during the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

Board Monitoring System
The Strategic Plan is built around six primary goals with measurable objectives and will be operationalized through a Board Monitoring System, with comprehensive oversight provided by the Chief of Staff and designated Strategic Planning Facilitators. The monitoring system will allow the Board of Education to efficiently and effectively assess and measure the successes, struggles and needs of the district.

The administration will report to the Board of Education on each strategic goal. The Board will then evaluate the information and provide direction to the administration, if necessary. All reports are designed to utilize graphic descriptors to illustrate critical data and include a comparative analysis.
Periodic updates will be shared with community members so they can evaluate the positive momentum that continues to build across the district.

The Goals
• Increase Student Achievement and Growth
• Focus on District Accountability, Quality Assessment and a District-Wide Comprehensive Instructional Plan
• Provide a Mentally and Physically Safe Environment to Students, Staff and Stakeholders
• Attract and Retain Highly Skilled and Performing Staff to Ensure District Success
• Improve Public Confidence, Support and Investment in TPS Students, Schools and Staff
• Ensure Efficient and Effective District Operations and Appropriately Managed District Assets Ensuring Fiscal Transparency, Sustainability and Taxpayer Accountability

Click here for the full report: Strategic Plan for TPS

Posted on August 28, 2015