As the summer rolls on, there have been TPS Proud sightings in New York City, at Harvard University in Massachusetts and on the islands of Bonaire and Curacao in the Caribbean.

We've seen signs held up at Mud Hens games, at the southernost tip of the United States in Florida (only 90 miles from Cuba), at the Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan and on the set of the Today show.

Our current favorite is the homemade sign that Riverside Elementary teacher Kris Edler held up while attending the World Cup soccer matches in Montreal.

The TPS Proud Summer Contest is an outgrowth of a project from last summer. Back then, we encouraged families and staff members to send in photos for the district's Facebook page of them on vacation or doing something fun around town. We got so many submissions that this summer, we upped the ante and asked that the words TPS Proud be displayed somewhere in the photos.

TPS Proud signs are available in the Communications Department at the Administration Building, but we'll also take homemade signs. And we'll take shots of people wearing a TPS Proud t-shirt or with TPS embroidered on a collar (hint, Dr. Durant).

The only other rule for the contest is that the people in the photos are having a great time on their summer vacation. After such a successful year, the students and staff members of TPS have earned some relaxation!

Updated on July 9, 2015