The latest TPS Proud sighting for the summer contest was found at Fifth Third Field on the night of Friday, June 19, when nearly 200 graduates and their family and friends came to the annual alumni night at the Mud Hens stadium.

The alums and others who posed with a TPS Proud sign were just the latest in a growing number of people who are entering the TPS Proud summer contest currently underway.

For example, when Jan Ruttkofsky decided to go swimming with the dolphins off the coast of Curacao, she knew what she had to bring in addition to her bathing suit.

The Elmhurst Elementary teacher made sure she got a shot of her holding a TPS Proud sign in the water (next to a dolphin!) so she could qualify for this summer's TPS Proud contest.

Last summer, we encouraged families and staff members to send in photos for the district's Facebook page of them on vacation or doing something fun around town. We got so many submissions that this summer, we upped the ante.

We still want photos but in order to count for the contest, we need the words TPS Proud to be displayed somewhere in the photo.

So far, Ms. Ruttkofsky's has been the most far out, but we've had a shot of Bowsher students holding the sign before they departed for an educational trip to Germany. And Toledo Board of Education member Lisa Sobecki, traveling in Florida with her family, did double duty - she got Bowsher High graduate Kate Koler to pose with the sign in front of her eatery, Sweet Savannah's, in Marathon Key, Fl. AND she took a long walk so she could pose at the southernmost point of the continental United States (only 90 miles from Cuba).

But as the picture from the Mud Hens game shows, there are great opportunities to take shots locally, including in front of the downtown Toledo-Lucas Count Public Library or the Toledo Museum of Art or at a local swimming pool.

TPS Proud signs are available in the Communications Department at the Administration Building, but we'll also take homemade signs. And we'll take shots of people wearing a TPS Proud t-shirt or with TPS embroidered on a collar (hint, Dr. Durant).

The only other rule for the contest is that the people in the photos are having a great time on their summer vacation. After such a successful year, the students and staff members of TPS have earned some relaxation!

Updated on June 26, 2015