Parents busy raising children while dreaming of going to college now have the chance to do both.

The mission of the UT@TPS program is to offer support to parents, grandparents and community members so they can attend college while also developing the knowledge, tools and resources needed to help their children excel in school. Any adult is welcome to attend UT@TPS. Adults are not required to live in any particular neighborhood or to have a child(ren) enrolled in a TPS school.

Adult learners who have family responsibilities are helped by program coordinators by having the adult student’s schedule match that of his or her children. Classes are held at Toledo Public Schools’ Jones Leadership Academy, 430 Nebraska Ave., and follow the TPS daily schedule and calendar.

Parents can take their children to school, attend their own classes and be ready to pick up their children in the afternoon. When children have a snow day or a vacation day, parents do too, so they do not miss their college classes due to child care responsibilities.

TPS administrators work with UT administrators to provide support for the adults taking classes - to ensure they can set a successful example for all children on how to excel in school.

The program is based on the belief that parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, neighbors and older friends have the greatest influence on children. If these important adults are engaged in furthering their education, the children will be engaged in school as well and will be likely to succeed not only in K-12 but also in college.

As Anthony Wyatt, a father and University of Toledo student, puts it, “The hours of the courses are set perfectly to accommodate my busy schedule as a father and an independent carpenter. These classes have set a precedent in my four sons’ lives of furthering their educations.”

Potential students receive help in completing the UT admissions process and filing their FAFSA to apply for financial aid.

Now is the time to get admitted for the semester that will start in August at Jones Leadership Academy. Call 419.283.8288 for information or to start the admissions process.

Click here for a brochure that outlines the benefits of the program: UT@TPS brochure

Posted on June 4, 2015