More than 500 TPS employees and their families and dogs were treated to a spectacular morning last Saturday, May 9th, at Swan Creek Metro Park.

Runners and walkers finished the 5K (3.1 miles) at a variety of paces, with some people finishing in remarkable times and others taking the opportunity to chat with friends and coworkers while they enjoyed a healthy stroll through the park.

All of this put a big smile on Dr. Romules Durant’s face.

“This event really promotes camaraderie and gives us a chance to get together and interact with our friends and coworkers in a beautiful setting,” Dr. Durant said. “This also helps encourage health and well-being, both vital components for all of us [who are] TPS Proud.”

Glenn Cotton, director of employee benefits and coordinator for the 5k, also talked about some of the goals of the event.

“Coming and getting exercise, we’re all winners for that. And it must be something that we want as a community at TPS because we’ve grown so much in the second year for this," he said. "We’ve added a cookout and are raffling off a Smart TV. I only expect this event to grow and be something everyone at TPS looks forward to.”

Linda Meyers, transformational leader of Community Relations,Bowsher and Rogers Learning Communities, explained one of the reasons she thinks this event and others like it will only continue to grow.

“This is a family function. It shows everyone who is part of the TPS Proud community that this is more than just work. There are opportunities to take care of yourself and have fun with friends while doing that.”

Posted on May 12, 2015