The district is TPS Proud of the members of Team 279 (Tech Fusion) at Toledo Technology Academy, who voted recently to come to the aid of a Virginia team that recently had its robot stolen.

Here's the back story: Team 279 had organized 'Robot Days at Wendy's' as a way for them to get money for future FIRST Robotics competitions. A portion of the money from each meal purchased at an Oregon Wendy's on Tuesday, April 14 and a Rossford Wendy's on Thursday, April 16, was to have been given to the TTA team.

But then Tech Fusion members heard about the plight of a team from Loudon County, Virginia that they had recently competed against at a regional championship in Knoxville, Tenn. The rookie team from Loudoun's Academy of Science and Monroe Technology Center, nicknamed RoboLoCo, received runner-up honors, the Judge's Trophy and an invitation to the FIRST World Championships.

Joy turned to heartbreak, however, when the Virginia team had its SUV stolen from the parking lot of its Knoxville hotel. The thief got the trophies, all of the equipment – and the robot – nicknamed The Red Baron.

When they learned this news, the TTA students immediately voted to give whatever money they raise to RoboLoCo to help in the rebuilding of its robot.

That selfless act makes us TPS Proud.