The letter was addressed to the coordinators of the TPS Job Training Program and only contained a few paragraphs.

But what those paragraphs said spoke volumes and reinforced the district's TPS Proud message.

The words came from Robert Schwanzl, a retired deputy chief with the Toledo Fire & Rescue Division and the current president of the Toledo Firefighters Museum Inc. He wrote about a recent visit to the museum, 918 Sylvania Ave., by some Bowsher High students through the Stepping Out Program.

"The students were among the best behaved and helpful that we have had to date," the chief wrote, adding praise for the two women who accompanied them - Kristi Kennelli and a paraprofessional named Ms. Aldana.

"It was our pleasure to have hosted them," the chief wrote, "and we sincerely appreciate their help with what are somewhat mundane and menial tasks."

Written on March 27, 2015