Naviance has arrived at Toledo Public Schools.

The world's most widely-adopted college-and career-readiness platform, Naviance will allow school officials to collect, monitor and analyze data and engage students and families. Students will complete such information as interest inventories and learning style assessments, and all gathered information will remain with the students as they travel from 6th grade to graduation. The collected data will also allow administrators to track students after they graduate.

The opportunities and tools that Naviance will provide students and staff members are endless, from Roadtrip Nation to eDocs to an entire 140 lesson ACT prep component.

All TPS school counselors and other staff members have had the initial training to begin implementing Naviance. School accounts have been set up and students will begin to log into their accounts and take assessments in the next few weeks.

Click here to find your school and access Family Connection, the parent and student component of Naviance:

Anyone seeking more information can contact Jodie Crowl, Naviance coordinator at Scott High School, at

Updated on March 20, 2015