Enrolling a Student in Toledo Public Schools

A quality education is the foundation to your child’s future.  Strong academic programs, plus a positive learning environment that promotes unique educational opportunities and encourages student success is what Toledo Public Schools promises to all students.

When you make the important decision of where your child will attend school, you look for a school where your child will experience success, be challenged by a broad and rigorous curriculum, finds personalized attention from a highly-qualified staff and enjoys extracurricular activities.  Toledo Public Schools offers these amenities and many others
to all students.

Prior to enrolling a student in Toledo Public Schools, parents and students are encouraged to contact the school of their choice to schedule a meeting and a tour with the school’s principal.

Enrollment Process:
To enroll a student in Toledo Public Schools, parents will be asked to complete several registration forms - parents will be asked to provide the following information:

• Proof of residency
  o Examples include: rental agreement with appropriate address,
     purchase/lease agreement, driver’s license with appropriate address, a
     utility bill in your name at that address, voter registration at appropriate
     address or paycheck and/or stub, welfare or SSI check with       
     appropriate address listed.
• W/D from previous school
• Birth certificate
• Social Security number
• Previous school’s grade card and proof of grade
• Necessary emergency information
• Immunization records
• If registering for kindergarten, student must have completed dental and 
  medical forms.

* A legal, custodial parent/guardian must be present when enrolling a child in Toledo Public Schools.   Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Pupil Placement Office at 419-671-8229.