Why does Toledo Public Schools have delayed starts?

Toledo Public Schools wants the very best for all of its students. That is why we have scheduled two-hour delays that give us the opportunity to work on something called the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP).

This process allows educators to meet and talk about the latest student data that has been collected, to make decisions about which students need more support and to make a plan and then discuss the results to make sure all students are succeeding. Going through this process the right way is very time consuming. Using a delayed start gives us the time to talk to each other to make the best decisions we can for the students we serve every day.

We understand the scheduling problems that can be caused by two-hour delays, but we believe that this dedicated time for educators enables us to better serve our students, families and community. We thank you for your continued support.

Who can enroll in Toledo Public Schools?

  • Any child who is at least 5 by September 30, or under 21 on September 30 of any school year
  • Children with a disability may attend school between age 2 and their 22nd birthday
  • Students with visual and auditory disabilities are entitled to special education services from birth

Who may be excused from attending TPS?

  • The Superintendent may excuse children:
  • With mental or physical conditions
  • Who are home-schooled
  • Who are needed to work at home (must be over 14 years of age)
  • Who have been suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons

What documents are needed if my child is new to the district?

  • Birth certificate (valid with parents’ names listed)
  • Court-issued custody papers (if appropriate); all custody changes must go through the Pupil Placement Office
  • Immunization records (must receive within two weeks of registering)
  • Proof of residency upon registering

Who is exempt from providing the documentation?

  • Homeless students (Please fill out residency affidavit)
  • Students from a home situation where a parent has fled from an abusive household (refer to Pupil Placement Office)
  • Students who are from a foreign country (refer to Pupil Placement Office)

How can I get my high school transcript?

  • If your school is still in existence, you can call the high school directly.
  • If you graduated from a TPS school that has since closed, you can call the Pupil Placement Office at 419-671-8229.